with Ornaments

Truth With Ornaments is an allegorical gay novel based on a true story by Jacob Green, a Russian novelist. Written under extraordinary circumstances, it was self-published first in Russian and a few years later in English.

Set in an imaginary city parallel to Saint Petersburg, the author’s hometown, the story revolves around three main characters - Evan, Michael, and Madame Verona. At the time of work on the novel, there were no such things as gay rights in Russia. Nevertheless, there were no anti-gay propaganda laws, either, like those in power nowadays. To be open or live in a closet was a matter of great courage and self-acceptance.

While Evan has already accepted himself as a gay person, Michael is only on his way to do it. They are north and south, with Madame Verona in between, an observer discovering new truths of life through her own prejudices and rose-colored ornaments.



    There are many reviews of the latest version of The Master and Margarita on the internet. Some of them by reviewers who haven’t even read this Bulgakov's all-time classic and are therefore unaware with the facts about this controversial novel, which was banned during some period of the Soviet regime.  Yet they post bla-bla-bla. Just like Donald Trump does - a master of bla-bla-bla in every area possible; a year ago it was less likely that he would rekindle from the political embers; the former president doesn't seem to burn just as manuscripts don't burn, according to the famous quote…

    18 June 2024
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    This publication is only intended for LGBTQ readers who have reached the age of consent.

    In March 2024, elections were held in Russia. In the West, many called them a sham. In November of the same year, on the other side of the Atlantic, the United States will also hold elections. Many in the anti-West deride them as senile. In search of personal gay truth and before putting my question to a vote, read some facts.

    Some time ago, it became illegal in Russia to distribute and promote LGBTQ-related content, from books to films. As a result, many titles were removed from media platforms…

    24 April 2024
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    According to rough estimates by non-official resources, about one million people have left Russia since the beginning of the special military operation in Ukraine in late February of 2022. Most of them went to the former Soviet Union countries of Armenia and Georgia that have set their political paths into the West. Some Russian politicians called those ones cowards and sought political and financial retribution.

    His working contract allowed him to relocate into a certain Balkan country last spring. He is a Russian citizen, my acquaintance; chasing freedom was the guy’s excuse for going…

    23 July 2023
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